Why 2-in-1 Laptops are the Next Big Thing

2-in-1 laptops (or convertible laptops) have steadily been gaining in popularity and it’s easy to see why. They combine everything we want in a great piece of tech: portability, computing power, and versatility. No gadget should only serve one purpose. With a rent to own 2-in-1 laptop, you get both a laptop and a tablet.

Traditional laptops can range greatly in size, but generally weigh around 2 pounds. This makes them portable, but still rather cumbersome, especially if they fall on the larger end of the spectrum. Tablets on the other hand, are usually very light and compact, making them ideal for taking on the go. They, however, lack the computing power of a laptop.

2-in-1 laptops solve the problem of choosing one or the other. Like traditional rent to own laptops, 2-in-1s vary in size, though you’ll most find them measuring around 11 inches and weighing around a pound. This means you’re not sacrificing too much screen space for the sake of portability.

It’s important to remember what makes a 2-in-1 laptop what it is. A detachable keyboard is really what make these gadgets shine. You can have all the effortless typing and navigation with the keyboard but if you’re heading out the door and plan to use it to watch videos, read e-books, or scroll through social media, you can detach the keyboard, leaving you with a powerful tablet.

These rent to own computers have a good battery life, averaging 9.5 hours. They are a truly worthwhile piece of technology that are here to stay. Buddy’s Home Furnishings has multiple rent to own convertible laptops in stock, allowing you to affordably finance your latest tech purchase. To see our selection, head to your local Buddy’s showroom today!