Whirlpool has been a household name for years and has been the largest home appliance maker in the world since 2006. This Fortune 500 company is over 100 years old! Founded in 1911 as Upton Machine Company, they started out producing washing machines from the very beginning. Whirlpool is also the mother company of several popular household brands including KitchenAid, Maytag, and Amana.

Since 1911, Whirlpool has grown to massive proportions and has innovated all along the way. Today they produce far more than just washing machines. Whirlpool creates ultra-sleek washers, dryers, refrigerators, ranges, microwaves, and a range of other household products.

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Whirlpool has a rich history of supporting the community. Their biggest contribution over the years has been to Habitat for Humanity. They’ve donated funds, appliances, home sponsorships which has culminated in hundreds of homes being built. They’ve also had a few side jobs over the years. During World War II, Whirlpool’s factories were used for armament production. Later, in the 1960s, they worked with NASA to develop a food and waste management system for Project Gemini. Whirlpool even created freeze-dried ice cream in 1968 for Nasa’s Apollo missions.

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