You may be surprised to know that Samsung, the wildly popular electronics company we know today, started all the way back in 1938 as a trading company. Today, the Samsung brand encompasses a huge array of business groups. None of them are as popular or well known as Samsung Electronics.

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Since 2011, Samsung has been the largest manufacturer of mobile phones. This should come as no surprise as the Samsung Galaxy smartphone has dominated the mobile phone market for several years. Considered a direct competitor to the Apple iPhone, it has consistently broken the mold for what a smartphone can do.

In addition to smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy Tab line has been leading the charge for tablets across brands. Whether you’re looking for the ultimate compact take-along device or a tablet that pulls double duty as your on-the-go computer, Samsung makes high-performing tablets accessible to all.

Samsung has also been the largest TV producer since 2006. Samsung sells LED, LCD, and 4k TVs and have been among the first TV makers to produce televisions with features like Wi-Fi connectivity, curved screens, 3D, and more. They are also Energy Star rated.

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