Rent to Own Smartphones in Orlando

There seems to be a trend in the smartphone world—by the time you get used to your current smartphone, a brand new version comes out. This leaves you stuck with a dilemma: save your money and keep your current phone, or upgrade and take advantage of the latest technology. The main issue is that normally these upgrades are expensive. Until now. Buddy’s Home Furnishings in Orlando stocks smartphones that make upgrading any time incredibly affordable.

With your traditional two year phone contract, you can typically expect at least one, sometimes two new versions of your phone to be released. You shouldn’t have to wait to get what you want, and Buddy’s has phones you love like the Samsung Galaxy just waiting for you to give them a new home.

When you rent to own, there are special benefits for you:

  • Trade in any time, there’s no commitment or two year contract
  • There’s no need for credit approval; you’re automatically pre-approved for up to $2500
  • Our prices are low enough to fit in almost any budget
  • We give you the most flexible payment options available anywhere; pay for your smartphone at your own pace

With these great benefits, and smartphones being updated what seems like every month, it makes sense to rent to own. Come in to Buddy’s Home Furnishings in Orlando and see how easy it really is to upgrade.