LG is a multinational electronics company based in South Korea. They’ve been in business since 1958 and were originally called GoldStar. Since then, LG has grown to massive proportions, with their wide range of products reaching worldwide consumers. In October 2011, LG became the second biggest television manufacturer in the world.

LG was founded as GoldStar in post-Korean War South Korea to bring electronics and home appliances to the rebuilding country. The company eventually merged with Lucky Chemical, becoming Lucky-GoldStar, and eventually LG.

Today, LG is a worldwide leader in smartphones, tablets, desktop & laptop computers, TVs, and audio/video equipment. Their slogan is “Life’s Good” and at Buddy’s Home Furnishings, we couldn’t agree more. We carry a range of LG products in our showrooms including rent to own LED TVs that sure to take movie night to the next level.

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LG products have long been associated with high quality, durability, and ease of use. When you pick up the remote to your LG LED TV, you know you’re about to experience entertainment like you were meant to: with a crystal clear picture, vibrant colors, and exceptional built-in audio.

So next time you sit down to watch the big game, settle in for movie night, or hook up the PS4, make sure you’ve got the best of the best by grabbing a rent to own LG TV from Buddy’s Home Furnishings.