Youth Redecorating Ideas

Your child’s taste grows about as fast as they do. It can be hard to keep up without breaking the bank. A child’s space should be the perfect blend of practicality, personality, style, and comfort. That can be a tall order. With the help of rent to own furniture and accessories from Buddy’s Home Furnishings, though, you can create an affordable room that your child will love and grow with.

Our biggest money saving tip is to find things that will evolve alongside your child. Picking a bedframe that is clearly meant for a 5-6 year old means you’ll definitely have to get a new one within a few years as your child will have outgrown it. Try to find furniture that is great for any age and use accents throughout the room to add personality. Accents are much simpler to replace as time goes on.

As we said, accents are a great way to affordably personalize your child’s room. Try to find an exciting fabric for curtains. By putting up shelves, you give your child storage space as well as a display for fun knick knacks.

Don’t let any space in your child’s room go to waste. Make sure everything has a place by utilizing attractive storage solutions. Many youth beds have built in storage. You can also find bright, cool looking storage containers and shelves that will look great and keep the toys and clothes off the floor.

At Buddy’s Home Furnishings, we have a huge selection of bedroom sets with both twin and queen size beds, depending on what you need. A matching furniture set can give your child’s bedroom a look of maturity that they’ll absolutely love.

If it’s time to redecorate your child’s bedroom, stop by your local Buddy’s Home Furnishings showroom today!