Why Rent to Own Furniture Works

The value of renting furniture has always been debated and we at Buddy’s Home Furnishings decided to lay out rent to own furniture exactly as it is. We think our rent to own furniture, appliances, and electronics give the community a better way to buy. Because that is, after all, the outcome of our rental agreements. You rent an item for a period of time and then it becomes yours to keep forever.

There are always factors that need to come into play for a particular situation, but we’ve found that our low prices and flexible payment options are a great choice for many people. Here are just some of the reasons we think renting furniture from Buddy’s is a great idea:

1. You can try it before you buy it.
You’ve done all the research you can. You’ve read reviews and looked up reports. You’re confident that your new LG washing machine will be exactly what your family needs. But then you buy it and try it out for a few weeks only to realize that it’s too small and can’t keep up. You’re now stuck with that washer unless you want to try and sell it. With rent to own appliances, you can rent with confidence. If the item isn’t right for you, simply return it no-questions-asked.

2. It’s easy to upgrade.                                       
Let’s face it—technology changes almost daily. Buying a tablet today means having an out-of-date tablet in 6 months. Given the cost of a new tablet, it’s most likely prohibitively expensive to replace it every time a new version comes out. With Buddy’s simple, no-hassle return policy, you can bring your rent to own electronics back at any point in the rental term and grab the latest tech. It’s that easy.

3. Renting makes frequent moves or temporary furnishing a breeze.
If you’re only living in your apartment during the school year for college or often move for work, buying new furniture can be a pain. Even worse, you’ll be stuff trying to get rid of it when it’s time to move. With rent to own furniture, you don’t have to worry. We’ll even pick it up for you.

4. It is a much more budget-friendly upfront.
In the end, you need a great bottom line. Spending thousands of dollars in one afternoon to furnish your home can be a blow to your wallet that you just can’t afford. At Buddy’s Home Furnishings, we make it easy and affordable to fill your home with name brand rent to own furniture, appliances, and electronics.

Don’t let retail prices deter you from getting the very best furnishings. Head to Buddy’s Home Furnishings today to see what we have waiting for you.