When to Replace Your Washing Machine

It can be difficult to know when to pull the trigger on a new washing machine. On one hand, it’s important to get the full life out of your current washer. On the other hand, sticking it out with a washer that isn’t performing at its full potential can cost you time, hassle, and money. Since large home appliances can be a big investment, Buddy’s Home Furnishings makes it affordable for all.

Here are 4 reasons it might be time to replace your washing machine:

It’s leaking
This is an obvious sign of trouble. This could be caused by a broken hose, a bad seal, or maybe a loose connection. With all appliance repairs, you have to weigh the cost of the repair against the cost of replacing it entirely. Repairing your machine too frequently can cost you a lot more than the cost of a new washer.

It’s using a lot of water/energy
In recent years, a lot of pressure has been put on appliance manufacturers to come out with washing machines that require less energy and less water per load. If you’re using an older washer, it could be adding unnecessary dollar signs to your water and energy bills.

It’s too loud
A loud washer could simply be a sign of an uneven load. If opening up the washer and evening out the clothes doesn’t resolve the issue, there may be something worse going on such as the motor or drum being worn out. These tend to be costly repairs.

It’s old
As was said earlier, washers have improved a lot in the past five or so years. A standard washer can live up to about 11 years, but we recommend you start looking to replace yours when it’s about 8. Older washers will probably be less efficient and can be harsher on your clothing.

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