Should I Rent an Electric Glass Top or Coil Range?

When trying to find the best appliances for your kitchen, there are about a million different questions you'll have to ask yourself. One of the big ones: should I rent a glass top stove or a coil one?

The question isn't simple enough to have one right or wrong answer, but there are some things to consider.

Glass Top Ranges

Glass top stoves have become extremely popular over the past ten years thanks to their sleep, modern appearance. They add value to a kitchen instantly and can be used as a key upgrade to make the whole space look newer. There is some talk that glass top ranges don't heat up as fast, though this largely depends on the model you choose.

Cleaning is the last major concern people have with these stovetops. Day to day maintenance is simpler than that of coil ranges, as there's no chance of drips or crumbs getting under the burner. There is the chance or stains and scratches though, which means routine cleaning with a special cleanser is recommended and you should be careful about using materials such as cast iron, which can scratch the glass.

Coil Ranges

Coil ranges have been around for years. Because of this, they tend to look more dated when compared to their glass top counterparts. Performance-wise, coil ranges are very straightforward. They tend to heat up faster than glass top. They are far less fragile in terms of stains and scratches, though you do have to routinely clean under the coils.

What it comes down to is your preferences and your home. Both ranges generally perform just fine for daily use. While a new range can be costly to buy, Buddy's Home Furnishings has rent to own ranges for unbelievably low prices from top brands you love like Kenmore and Amana. We've got glass top and electric stoves for rent at your local showroom, so pay us a visit today and see the great deals for yourself.