Should I Rent a Sofa or a Sectional?

The question of sofa or sectional can be a little tough to work through. On one hand, sectionals take up a lot of room. On the other, they offer many varied seating options. Which one is more flexible? What all can I fit in my room? Is one more affordable than the other?

Knowing your space and knowing how you and your family use it is the first hurdle. How many people do you generally have in the living room at the same time? What's the size and shape of your room?

While people think that sectionals are always more space-consuming, there are important exceptions. In long narrow rooms, for example, a sectional can provide the same amount of seating as a sofa and loveseat, without an awkwardly tight configuration of furniture. In addition, a sectional offers a way for multiple people to lounge on the same piece of furniture, while a couch with chairs does not.

In contrast, a sofa and loveseat combo can provide greater flexibility with room arrangements and style. By simply adding a plush ottoman, you can create the same chaise-like arrangement that makes the sectional so popular, while retaining the ability to move it around as needed. With an L-shaped sectional, you are left with an awkward corner that is generally the least popular seat. You can utilize this space better by using a sofa and loveseat in a corner, with a table and lamp filling the space.

Again, knowing your habits and your room is the most important part in determining whether a sectional or sofa is right for your room. Consider renting an affordable sectional from Buddy’s Home Furnishings. You’ll be able to get a clear view of how it fits and functions. If it doesn’t match what you need, you can simply bring it back. By renting furniture, you afford yourself the ultimate flexibility. Love your space.

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