RTO vs. Layaway

I think we can all agree that buying large items like furniture or appliances outright is often prohibitively expensive. So what are the other options? There are two main options that most of us have used at some point or another: rent to own and layaway. In this article, we’ll stack RTO and layaway up against each to see just why we at Buddy’s Home Furnishings think that rent to own is the only way to go.

  1. Utilize RTO any day of the year
    Buddy’s Home Furnishings is open year round. Layaway at stores is typically offered only seasonally (e.g., Christmas time) so your timing is limited.
  2. Pick from a huge selection
    Layaway services are generally only available to certain items within a store. At Buddy’s, anything you see in our showroom is available for rent to own.
  3. Instant gratification
    You know what’s not fun? Having your awesome new TV sit at the store for months while you work to pay it off. You know was is fun? Renting an awesome new TV from Buddy’s Home Furnishings in the morning and watching the big game on it that same night.
  4. Have it your way
    Do you want to pay of your rent to own refrigerator in 2 months, 6 months, 2 years? Buddy’s Home Furnishings understands that everyone’s financial needs and budgets are different which is why we offer ultimate payment flexibility. Pay your rental off as quickly or as slowly as you need.
  5. Upgrade on the fly
    What do you do when you get a new LCD TV, only to find out 6 months later that there’s an amazing new Smart TV on the market? If you did layaway, you cut your losses and stick with the LCD TV. If you rented from Buddy’s Home Furnishings, you bring the TV back and trade it in for the top of the line TV you’ve been eyeing. No commitment.

What it comes down to is this: Rent to own purchasing gives you the ultimate flexibility and selection that enables you to afford the very best rent to own furniture, appliances, and electronics for your family.