Renting a Great Night’s Sleep

When it comes to the bedroom, there's truly nothing more important than the bed, specifically the mattress. Above all else, your bedroom is where you go to sleep at night, where you charge your batteries. Having a quality mattress that facilitates and encourages a good night's sleep means so much for your overall well-being.

Given that the mattress plays such an important role in the home, it makes sense that you'll want to invest in a great one. Mattresses can be shockingly expensive though, especially since generally the name brand mattresses that you'll want are even more expensive than off-brand ones.

At Buddy's Home Furnishings, we've solved the dilemma of getting a great mattress because we want all of our customers to enjoy a great night's sleep every single night. We've got rent to own Simmons mattresses in our showrooms that combine the great quality you're looking for with a price you'll love.

Getting a rent to own mattress means you can afford to get a great brand that you trust. You'll have plenty of time to slowly pay it off, which is much easier on a budget than buying one outright.

What it comes down to is you don't want to settle for a substandard mattress. It'll cause more sleepless nights than it could ever be worth. Avoid the hassle and expense of buying a Simmons mattress outright from a big box store. Come to Buddy's Home Furnishings and enjoy the incredible prices we offer on all of our rent to own mattresses.