Rent to Own Furniture During College

At Buddy's Home Furnishings, we're happy to offer rent to own furniture, which allows even those on tight budgets to buy furniture at their own pace. That's not all we do, though. We know that sometimes our customers are looking for a way to fill their home with top brand furnishings, without the commitment of ownership. College students make up a large part of that group and we're proud to cater to them.

College is said by many to be the best years of one's life. While that is quite possibly true, they're generally not considered to be the wealthiest years. Moving away from home on such a tight budget comes with some hurdles, one of which being how you'll furnish your home.

While dorms come pre-furnished, those are usually only a viable option for the first year. After that, students tend to want more space, more privacy, and a full kitchen, which only a house or apartment can provide. It's not likely that the average college student will be able to go out and purchase an apartment's worth of furniture, appliances, and electronics. Even if they could, college is a time of many transition, life changes, apartment changes, and more. Being saddled down with furniture makes the transitional times much more difficult to navigate.

With rent to own furniture from Buddy's Home Furnishings, you get the unique opportunity to fill your home with high quality furnishings such as this queen cherry sleigh bed and this gorgeous sofa and loveseat combo by Ashley Furniture without paying an arm and a leg or wondering how you're going to move it to your next destination.

What it comes down to is this: Buddy's Home Furnishings makes great rent to own furniture, appliances, and electronics available to everyone. Whether you're a brand new college student, a periodic mover, or a homeowner, we make it easy to find what you want, pay for it, and keep it for however long you need it.