Rent to Own Smartphones in Jacksonville

We’ve all been caught in the cycle. You buy the latest smartphone. You’re stuck with it for two years. 6 months after you buy it, a newer version comes out and you have to keep outdated technology. The problem with this cycle is that it doesn’t allow for the fact that technology is constantly changing and that new smartphones are expensive to buy outright.

At Buddy’s Home Furnishings in Jacksonville, we’ve solved those problems. We allow our customers to rent name brand smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy. You pay an extremely low weekly or monthly payment that allows you to stick to your budget.

If the day comes that you want to upgrade, simply head to your local Buddy’s showroom and switch your phone out for the latest model.

Rent to own smartphones in Jacksonville are great for:

  • Students on a budget
  • Tech enthusiasts
  • Families with several phones under one roof

Our smartphones are unlocked, meaning they can be used with any carrier. This is truly the smarter way to do smartphones.

At Buddy’s Home Furnishings, you can look forward to insanely affordable prices, flexible payment terms, and pre-approval for up to $2500 in spending. No credit approval required!

If you’re on the market for a new smartphone, stop searching and head to your local Buddy’s Home Furnishings in Jacksonville, Florida today!