Purchase Options

Rental Purchase

Buddy’s offers a variety of payment plans that are right for your budget and your lifestyle. We make it easy for you to make weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payments for a predetermined term. Whatever payment option works for you will also work for us. And at Buddy’s, you also have the flexibility to change your paying schedule during your agreement, from monthly to weekly or vice versa. And to give you even more flexibility, we also offer an “Early Purchase Option” or our “Up to 6 Months Same as Cash” program, which enables you to shorten your payment schedule.

Early Purchase Option (EPO)

Buddy’s offers another discounted purchase option for the price-conscious consumer during the rental agreement. To exercise this option, the customer simply “buys” his or her product at a discounted price of 50-70% times the remaining agreement balance. This option enables our customers to “try it before you buy it” and the total cost is considerably lower than making the remaining payments to obtain ownership.

Same As Cash

Buddy’s is proud to offer our “Up to 6 Months Same as Cash” pricing options upon request. The pricing structure for this option is based upon our regular retail prices and gives our customers an opportunity to “buy at retail prices” any products on a rental-purchase agreement. And this option is much better than layaway because we allow you to take it home immediately and use the product while you’re making your payments.