Make Your Room Look Bigger with Furniture

Is your living room a little snug? Or maybe it’s your bedroom that looks a bit overstuffed. Having a small home can be charming and cozy, but not when it feels like it’s filled to the brim and cluttered. At Buddy’s Home Furnishings, we consider ourselves to be in the business of helping you love your home. We’ve got a huge selection of rent to own furniture in various, colors, sizes, and styles. With some smart furniture choices and a bit of smoke and mirrors, you can make your tiny living room look mansion-esque.

Here are 5 ways you can use furniture to make your room look bigger:

1. Stick with light, cohesive colors
Light colors tend to make a space seem airy and spacious. You could even style your room entirely out of different shades of the same color which will add a sense of continuity.

2. Add a mirror
This age old trick works instantly to brighten up a room. Add a mirror or two to your décor. They can be big or small. They reflect light and trick your mind into thinking the room us much larger than it is.

3. Pick pieces with hidden storage
Have your rent to own furniture pull double-duty by picking pieces that have hidden storage built in. Clutter is a small room’s biggest enemy. If you have magazines, remotes, and toys lying around in your living room, it will look overly full and cramped. By finding a coffee table with drawers or a lift-top, you can keep everything close at hand without letting it clutter your room.

4. Find rent to own furniture that fills the space
This may seem counter-intuitive but it works. Instead of filling a wall with a loveseat and two chairs, consider a rent to own sectional that fills the wall. It’ll give you the same amount of seating but will simplify the area.

5. Choose raised furnishings
Furniture that sits of the ground makes a room seem more open. Choosing a couch with exposed legs or a coffee table with simple, thin lines, the furniture will seem smaller and the area will seem bigger.

When it comes to affordably furnishing your home, make smart choices like shopping at Buddy’s Home Furnishings for a huge selection of rent to own furniture, appliances, and electronics at prices your wallet will love. Visit your local Buddy’s showroom today to see what we’ve got waiting for you.