How to Choose the Right Dining Room Table

The dining room table is where family and friends often congregate in a home. Whether it's to share a good meal, pore over homework, or host a party, your dining room table wears many hats in a home. Picking the right rent to own table should be a thoughtful process, because not every table works in every space.


Size is the ultimate consideration you'll have to ponder because if a table that doesn't fit the room, it simply won't work. The table should of course be able to fit through the door. You'll need to carefully measure the door to your dining room. Next, you'll want to note the distance between your future table and any other furniture in the room. You'll want to ensure there's ample space to move about the dining room.

It's important to include any leaves the table includes in your measurements. Even if the table fits fine without the leaves, you'll want to have the room to use them, should you host extra people for dinner or throw a party.


The shape of your room should influence the shape of the table. For long, narrow rooms, rectangular tables work great. Similarly, for square rooms, a square dining room table can make for an intimate dining experience. If the room is small, a round table might work better in place of a round one. Without corners to run into, a round table offers the same intimate seating, while facilitating more free movement.


Lastly, take your home's style into consideration. While this is the third factor to ponder, it's still important. You'll want your rent to own table to stay with you for years, so picking one you love is a must. Consider different colors, stains, and table leg styles to find a table that matches your home's unique character.

Similarly, let your chairs accent your table. There are a bunch of different chair options such as benches, upholstered, wooden, metal, etc. Finding a rent to own dining set can be a simple way of ensuring your chairs perfectly add to your table.

At Buddy's Home Furnishings, we believe that for every dining room, there's a perfectly matched dining room table waiting to be found. Find yours at Buddy's Home Furnishings today.