How to Get the Most Out of Your Samsung S5

Samsung Galaxy smartphones have reigned supreme in the Android world for a few years now and it’s not hard to see why. With their cutting edge features, continually slimmer and sleeker design, and the commitment to making dependable tech, Samsung Galaxies are always great phones. Buddy’s Home Furnishings carefully decides which products to carry in our showrooms. We only pick the very best product in its class because our customers deserve the best. We combine great products with Buddy’s low prices, making items like a rent to own Samsung Galaxy S5 an amazingly affordable phone.

For the S5, Samsung threw in some exciting new features and enhanced some already well known ones. Make sure you take full advantage of the S5’s capabilities with these 8 cool features.

1. My Magazine
Swiping left to right on your home screen will bring up My Magazine. At first glance, My Magazine may not seem like much, but its customizability makes this a great resource. Add specific news topics like sports or health, add your social media streams, and more to create a news page catered specially for you.

2. S Health
This rent to own Samsung smartphone features a great built-in health app called S Health. Through the app, you’ll gain access to the heart rate monitor (among other features), located just below the camera on the back of the phone.

3. Finger Scanner
The Galaxy S5 was one of the first smartphones to feature a fingerprint scanner. It’s turned off by default, so you’ll need to go into the phone’s settings to enable it. It not only unlocks your phone, but it can also be used to hide sensitive files.

4. Smart Stay
If you’re one of the many that gets frustrated with your phone screen dimming or shutting off while you’re reading or looking at something, Smart Stay is the perfect solution. By enabling it in your settings, Smart Stay will sense when you’re looking at your phone and will stay on without needing to be touched.

5. Kids Mode
There are numerous kid-focused apps in the app store, but the pre-downloaded Kids Mode app is a one-stop kid shop that doesn’t cost you a thing. The app includes features like a simplified camera with fun filters, a place to draw pictures, and a voice recorder. In addition, you can enable a pin lock so your child can’t access other parts of your phone. This makes it easy to open Kids Mode and hand off your phone to a child without worry.

6. Quick Connect
Share files and pictures with friends has never been easier. Simply tap on the Quick Connect icon in the notification bar and you’ll see a list of available devices nearby, regardless of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity.

7. Ultra Power Saving Mode
Low battery is every smartphone user’s worst nightmare. With the S5’s Ultra Power Saving function, you can maximize your remaining battery life when it counts. It switches to greyscale, limits apps, provides a simplified home screen, and more to limit how much juice your phone needs to operate.

8. Download Booster
If you need to download something fast or want to download a large file, the Galaxy S5’s Download Booster can help. It combines Wi-Fi with your mobile data to increase bandwidth and download things faster.

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