Choosing Bedroom Sets that will Grow with Your Child

You don't need us to tell you-your kid grows fast. It can feel like a never ending parade of too-small shoes, too-short pants, and let’s face it, too-small beds. Keeping up with our children’s growing wants and needs can feel impossible. There’s no way you can buy your son or daughter a new bed every two years when they’ve outgrown theirs either physically or emotionally.

Buddy’s Home Furnishings has the solution, though. Instead of trying to decide between investing in high quality (and expensive) furniture that you may only have for a few years or getting cheaper furniture that might not even last that long, rent a bed from Buddy’s Home Furnishings.

With rent to own furniture, you get ultimate flexibility. Without worrying about an unfortunately large price tag as you would at other furniture stores, you can rent a top quality bed that your child will enjoy until it’s time for him or her to upgrade.

Say for instance, you want to start them off with a twin bed and because of the amount of sleepovers that occur, you’d prefer bunk beds. This rent to own pine Saddlebrook bunk bed is space saving, durable, storage-friendly, and super versatile.

A year or so later, your child decides they want to level-up for a more “big kid” feel. Don’t worry about breaking the bank. Since you rented from Buddy’s, you can simply bring the old bed back in and pick a new one that fits the bill. This rent to own twin bed and nightstand set is made of durable wood and is completely adaptable to your child’s style.

Then, a couple years down the line, it’s time for a bigger upgrade: no more twin beds. This 4-piece Ashley Furniture bedroom set for rent is simple enough to let your kid’s individual tastes stand out, while still being classic with the look of fine quality.

The bottom line is this: your family is continuously growing and changing. It used to be prohibitively expensive to meet and adapt to this growth. But with Buddy’s Home Furnishings’ low prices and flexible plans on rent to own furniture, you’re able to keep your budget intact and meet your child’s needs head-on.