Are Soundbars Worth It?

Soundbars have cropped up into the entertainment system market in the past couple years. They’ve been steadily growing in popularity, but are they worth it? Buddy’s Home Furnishings has a huge selection of rent to own audio equipment that will satisfy any audio-lover. In this article, we’ll explore whether or not a soundbar makes sense for your entertainment system.

The first thing we see customers ask is “Are the speakers on my TV not good enough?” The answer is actually: no, they’re not. As TVs become more advanced, thinner, and larger in size, the speakers lose out on the valuable real estate. To that end, even for higher end, name brand TVs, the speakers tend to be small and poor quality.

There’s also the very simple aspect to consider: built-in speakers don’t face you, they face out to the side. That very truly does impact the sound your ears pick up form the couch. Even if you don’t hear any noticeable shortcomings with your TV’s audio, have you ever had to rewind something to hear the dialogue again? One of the most common issues the average TV watcher will have with the built-in speakers is the struggle to hear dialogue over the rest of the sound.

So where do soundbars stack up against the speakers in your TV?

First and foremost, with a soundbar, the speakers are pointed towards you. Beyond that, like most pieces of tech equipment, there’s a wide range in price and quality. Thankfully, there are great products to be found at all price points.

With a rent to own soundbar, you get an exclusive deal on a high quality soundbar from a top brand. You can affordably finance your piece of audio equipment and the best part? There’s no commitment. If you decide that the rent to own soundbar isn’t right for you, you can simply return it at any time.

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