3 Major Benefits of Unlocked Phones

There's a common misconception going around that locked and unlocked cell phones are the same. Well, they were created equal but then something happened. Some of the phones got shipped to stores and some got shipped to cell phone service providers. Those are the phones you buy from the Sprint or Verizon store.

What makes them different is that Sprint, Verizon, or whoever the carrier is, took that cell phone and locked it, making it only compatible with their cell service. Unlocked phones have not been altered from the original factory settings.

So what's the big deal? There are 3 big deals, actually. With an unlocked phone, you can:

Change service providers.

If you buy a phone from T-Mobile, that is T-Mobile's phone. If you decide to switch to Verizon, that phone isn't going anywhere. You'll have to rent or buy a new one. That's a shame when you've got a perfectly good cell phone that has all of your data on it.

Unlocked phones can be used with any provider and can be switched to a new one at any time.

Travel internationally with ease.

If you've ever tried to use your phone outside of the country, you'll know that roaming charges are no joke. With an unlocked phone, you can avoid the fees by switching out your sim card for a local one. You'll then have local cell service which is far more reasonable than roaming charges.

Enjoy a phone with no pre-uploaded software or content.

A phone from Sprint (or any carrier) will have apps and content pre-loaded on it that is not removable. This pre-loaded software is taking up space on your phone and can be annoying and invasive. An unlocked phone will have only stock applications that come on all phones of that type such as a calendar, web browser, photo gallery, etc.

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