Why Rent-to-Own May be Beneficial to You

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Rent-to-own is often thought about in a negative way, but the truth is, it can help you obtain the goods you want and need as buddy's home furnishingsquickly as possible, while allowing you to still afford all of your monthly expenses. There are many other reasons why renting may be a perfect choice for you this year.


Rent-to-own (RTO) is one of the most convenient financing structures in existence. Even if you don’t qualify for no-interest plans at other stores, RTO can still provide you what you want and need, with a more convenient billing structure. Many other financing plans are billed on a monthly basis, just like other bills such as power, insurance, or your car payment, making it financially taxing if these all fall around the same time.

Easy of Financing

It is much easier to afford a RTO product over one with a traditional financing agreement. High priced items like large furniture, or TV’s can be delivered to your home for just $15-25 per week. This makes it much simpler to budget your spending on a week-to-week basis, leaving you more money for your other expenses.

No Impact on Credit

Perhaps the best aspect of RTO is that it has no impact on your credit score. If something were to happen and you became unable to make payments, you can return the product with no strings attached. There will be no damage done to your credit score, allowing you to continue to build your credit.

For any purchase, big or small, consider RTO as a convenient way to pay. Give Buddy’s a call today with any questions at 1-866-779-5058.

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