Why Rent Furniture?

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4 reasons it makes sense to rent

You’re on the fence about furniture rental, but you’re still not convinced. Is renting better than buying outright? That of course ultimately depends on your particular situation, but we want to highlight just a few of the awesome reasons it makes sense to rent furniture, appliances, and electronics from Buddy’s Home Furnishings.

Buddy – Makes Sense to Rent

    1. It’s much more convenient if you need pieces for the short period of time.
      College students, travelers, home stagers, and active military personnel all know the hassle of needing to furnish a home now only to have to painstakingly sell everything individually not long down the road. When you rent from Buddy’s, you’re under no commitment.


    1. You can easily stay up to date with the latest tech without constantly breaking the bank to buy new smartphones, computers, and tablets.
      It seems like there’s a new smartphone coming out every other week. Instead of forking over $600 every time to enjoy the latest tech, rent it and enjoy it hassle free.


    1. Renting is a much softer blow to your wallet upfront than buying.
      Even if you’re frugal, furnishing an entire home will cost you thousands of dollars. Sometimes you simply can’t dish out that kind of money all at once. Renting at Buddy’s means you never have to pay a huge amount in one go.


  1. You can try before you buy.
    Nothing says regret like spending an enormous amount of money only to find out a month later that the new TV, refrigerator, or computer isn’t right for you and your family. Take your time and test things out risk free by renting them, which always comes with the automatic possibility of ownership.
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