Why Buy a Tablet?

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Tablet computers have really burst onto the electronics scene over the past few years. They have a combination of style, power, and design that make them very appealing, and a perfect computing solution for many people on a daily basis.rent to own tablet

Tablets are very lightweight, normally weighing about 1/3 of what an average laptop weighs, so for somebody who has to carry it in a briefcase or in their hand, this is great. The smaller screen size also contributes to how portable they are. The smaller screens make them easy to fit almost anywhere, and aren’t a burden to carry around all day.

For the business-person who routinely makes presentations, tablets are awesome. Instead of creating a presentation on a desktop or laptop computer and emailing it to yourself or putting it on a flash drive, you can create entire presentations on tablets, and be able to edit them on the fly, then easily connect them to a larger screen to present the information.

A common frustration for traditional computer users is how long it takes their machine to start up. An average PC or laptop takes about 10-30 seconds to start, but a tablet on the other hand only takes 2-10 seconds on average to start. Once it’s started, it can be ‘woken’ up from sleep mode immediately. This is thanks in large part to what is called solid-state memory, like what is used on your smartphone. There are no moving parts so the memory unit is much smaller, lighter, and faster than a traditional hard-drive.

Tablets aren’t for everybody, a traditional PC or laptop is able to process large amounts of information quicker than a tablet, but still, the convenience of a tablet suits many people perfectly. Fortunately, Buddy’s stocks a full range of tablets from different manufacturers to suit any taste. Call Buddy’s today at 1-866-779-5058 for questions about our tablet computers.

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