Which Wood is Right for your Home?

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Wood has been used almost since the beginning of time to create furnishings for the home. It has proven to be one of the most durable and functional building materials in the world, but Which Wood is Right for your Homechoosing the right variety of wood for your home isn’t always easy. Consider these attributes before making a decision:

  • Type. Most trees are divided into two categories, either broad-leafed (hardwoods) or coniferous (softwood) varieties. Higher-quality, pricier furniture tends to be constructed using hardwood because it’s naturally less prone to wear and tear. If your family includes children or pets, consider hardwood furniture, regardless of how well constructed the softwood furniture may be, it will never wear as well.
  • Grain. Woodgrain is similar to a snowflake in that no two pieces are every exactly the same. Individual wood types may share general characteristics, but are always unique. An example is Cherry wood; it generally has a very straight grain, but is less porous than other woods. Maple tends to have a subtle grain that works well with many home décors, whereas Cedar tends to be very ‘knotty’. Look closely at many different varieties to find what you like best.
  • Color. Wood naturally has a wide variety of colorations, from more subtle varieties like maple or oak, to the striking patterns of hickory and birch. If you find a wood with a grain that you love, you can stain it to help match the décor in your home.

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