Which Streaming Services Are the Best?

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Streaming services are on the rise, and many consumers are cutting their cable cords. If you are thinking about switching to streaming, consider which shows you can’t live without, because they need to be on your new streaming service. Here are a few options:Buddy – Which Streaming Services Are the Best Image

Netflix is the most popular name in streaming services. It made video streaming popular and has a wide selection of movies and TV shows, although it doesn’t have everything. Its plans start at $7.99 per month.

Amazon Prime has a strong content library and standard HD; it’s $99 a year ($49 for students) and cannot be paid monthly. It doesn’t work with some hosting devices, such as Apple TV.

Hulu allows users to watch TV shows shortly after they air, as opposed to waiting months for them to become available. It also features movies and costs $7.99 a month ($11.99 if you don’t want commercials).

YouTube has been in the video arena for quite some time, but it isn’t a great option for streaming. While its basic content is free, there is a price for TV shows and movies.

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