What Type of Wood is Right for Your Home?

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Wood has been a commonly used material in tables, chairs, and pretty much every other home furnishing for hundreds of years. It’s renewable, durable, functional, and can be incredibly beautiful. When choosing a type of wood to use in your home, consider rent to own furniturethese traits unique to different types of wood.

  • Variety: The two types of trees that most wood comes from are generally called hardwood, or softwood. Furniture of higher quality is typically made from hardwood because it is much more durable and resistant to damage. Hardwood is the best choice, especially if you have children or pets.
  • Grain: All wood, regardless of variety, has a unique grain. Some species share certain characteristics between them. Grain is one of the largest factors in how a specific piece of wooden furniture looks. One wood that is commonly used in furniture is Maple. It has a fairly subtle grain, giving it a clean and modern look. Variations of Maple called birds-eye or tiger-striped are much more vibrant. The best way to find a wood you like is to shop around because no two pieces of wood are the same.
  • Color: The number of different colors that wood is available in, is almost limitless. Colors vary from very light, almost white, to black. Maple and Oak have more subtle colorations, but hickory and birch have a more distinctive pattern in their colors. Cherry and Redwood are a beautiful dark, deep red. There is a color out there to suit any personality and home.

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