What to Look for When Mattress Shopping

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Experts recommend replacing a mattress every 8-10 years. If yours is older than that, consider a new mattress to get rid of years rent to own mattressof allergen and dust buildup, and give your muscles a new place to relax. Since mattresses are one of the most-used furnishings in the home, look for these top qualities to find the mattress that meets your needs.

  • Try it out.
    There are lots of articles telling you which mattresses are best for which sleepers. The reality is everybody needs to spend 20 minutes lying on a mattress before choosing it as a final decision. Take your time; this is a significant investment.
  • Brands mean little.
    A brand name mattress isn’t necessarily going to deliver the best night of your life. Each mattress has the same fundamental construction, unless you’re looking for something that adjusts at the touch of a button. Instead, focus on the allergen information and how much the bed moves when two people are laying down at once.
  • Ask about the return policy.
    You‘ll only know the right bed when you’ve slept on it for a while. Choosing a rent-to-own bed may be the best option for you, because you can return it at any point during your lease.

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