What Size Refrigerator is Right for me?

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There are many factors that come into play when deciding on a replacement refrigerator in your home. Things like layout, color, material, and extra features all come to mind, but one that is often overlooked is size. The common thought with many items around the home is that bigger is better, but that isn’t necessarily true when talking about your refrigerator. Here are some things to rent to own refrigeratorconsider when determining what size is best for you.

Existing Cabinetry

Generally, the countertops and cabinets in your kitchen will determine the size refrigerator you can fit. There is always the option of renovating your kitchen with all new cabinets to fit your new fridge, but if that isn’t for you, it’s time to break out the tape measure. Measure the width and height of the existing opening, and shop for a fridge that’s about an inch smaller all around. The depth of the refrigerator is a personal choice. There are shallow models available that make for a clean look, or you can opt for something deeper that protrudes slightly into the kitchen space, giving you more storage.

Freezer Space

Depending on the needs of you and your family, freezer capacity may or may not a deciding factor when choosing a refrigerator. If you keep large stocks of frozen meat, entrees, or ice cream on hand at all times, go for a unit with a large freezer. If you have a separate freezer chest for the majority of your frozen goods, choosing a unit with a smaller freezer can free up more fridge space.


These days, the number of different features available are almost limitless. Things like ice dispensers, water dispensers, and wine racks are all things to take into consideration. Take into account the handles on the doors, if they protrude into the kitchen space, make sure to check that they fit in your space.

No two kitchen spaces are the same, which is why it’s so important to take these factors into consideration when choosing your new fridge. Buddy’s stocks a range of different styles and colors of refrigerators to suit any home and any budget. Give us a call today at 1-866-779-5058 with any questions.

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