What exactly is Blu-ray?

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This name has been tossed around a lot in the past couple of years especially. Special Blu-ray players, Blu-ray discs, gaming systems that play Blu-ray, what’s the big deal? Blu-ray was developed as a way to store high definition video in disc format.rent to own blu-ray

A standard DVD just doesn’t have the space available to store a full length movie in 1080p, and that is where Blu-ray shines. They are the same exact size as regular CD’s and DVD’s but they are able to hold up to 128GB of data on one disc. This allows you to make full use of that high definition TV with a 1080p resolution when watching movies, instead of being held back by the 480i resolution of a DVD.

This new technology unfortunately isn’t compatible with standard DVD players. Blu-ray players use a blue light laser to read the discs, lending to its name.

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