What do you need in a smartphone?

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samsung smartphoneWhat is it that encompasses the “best” smartphone? Here are some ideas the team from Buddy’s Home Furnishings came up with:

Is the smartphone screen size sensible?

In the days of flip phones, it really was not necessary to have a big phone. In those days, most people also used their phone for talking and a little texting. As a result, a bigger screen was more of a problem than a plus. Things started to change for screen size around 2010 when it became apparent a 3.5 inch screen just would not get the job done anymore. What is the optimal size screen? Most of you will want to look for a screen that ranges from 4 – 5 inches because a smartphone in this size makes the most of functionality and versatility. Smartphones of this size are also comfortable to hold with a single hand, and they fit into your pocket comfortably.

A smartphone does not need dozens of bloatware apps.

All of us have been in the position where we turn a new smartphone on for the first time, and we come across dozens of apps that serve no purpose but eating-up precious memory space. There is no obvious way to remove most of the apps, so you will want to research which manufacturers and carriers include only a minimum level of unnecessary garbage applications. Makers like Samsung are even making it possible for you to remove most of the extraneous apps on new Galaxy S series smartphones.

Please provide us high security smartphones to protect our personal information!

As life online moves from notebook computers to smartphones, we need a real method by which to protect our personal info. Our employers, especially those who choose to have us use our own devices, also need a guarantee that their information will remain secure. The security technology to make everyone safe is out there, it just needs to be deployed in some older devices and evolve in new smartphones. The sooner this happens, the better!

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