What do RAM and Hard Drive Space Mean for you?

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When shopping for a laptop, it’s pretty common to be bombarded with all sorts of terms you may not be familiar with. Things like processor speeds, amount of RAM, and Hard Drive Space are important to the function of your new laptop but can be very confusing if you haven’t done any previous research.rent to own laptop

Here are some ways in which RAM and Hard Drive space have an effect on your laptops performance:

RAM (Random Access Memory)

Think of a work desk. You have the top working surface, a pullout drawer underneath, and large storage cabinet underneath. The RAM is your top working surface. It’s not your means of storage, but is instead used temporarily while completing tasks. Just like an actual desk, the more cluttered your laptops RAM becomes, the harder it will be to get anything done.

Imagine your desk having things like a lamp, pen holder, pictures, and a stapler. Each of these items takes up only a small amount of space, but can clutter up your desk quickly. The same goes for apps, programs, and widgets on your laptop. For this reason, purchasing a laptop with the largest amount of RAM within your budget can help your laptop seem quicker and more responsive than if it had less RAM.

Hard Drive Storage

If the RAM is the work space of the laptop, the hard drive is the equivalent of the filing cabinet, drawers, and other storage areas of the desk where supplies are stored when not in use. If your filing cabinet is already almost full, it’s more difficult to file items away without constantly reorganizing. This is the equivalent to running out of hard drive space on your laptop, which means you would need to expand your existing drive, or add an external drive. Luckily, most laptops today come with a minimum of a 500 GB hard drive, which the average user would struggle to fill.

There are countless factors that go into determining whether a laptop is perfect for you or not, but RAM and hard drive storage space are a couple of the more common factors you should know about. Buddy’s stocks a wide range of cutting edge laptops to suit almost any budget. Give us a call today at 1-866-779-5058 with any questions.

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