What do BTU’s mean to me?

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When shopping for your next air conditioner or heater, you’ll likely see something called the ‘BTU rating’ advertised on the packaging. This number is a mystery to a lot of consumers, but it’s actually pretty easy to understand.rent to own air conditioner

BTU stands for British Thermal Unit, which measures how much energy it takes to heat one pound of water one degree. That’s a fancy way of saying a BTU measures how well an air conditioner cools, or how well a heater heats. The higher the BTU number, the bigger space that unit can be used for. Here is a general guide to figuring out just what size heater or air conditioner you need.

How many BTU’s do I need?

Finding out how many BTU’s you need for your heating or air conditioning needs is pretty easy. The only information you need is the square footage of your home. The easiest way to find that is to measure the length of two walls in the room you want to heat or cool and multiply them together. If you are heating or cooling an entire house however, you need to measure the length and width of the whole house, and multiply that together.

The result from that will give you the square footage of you home, and from there you just need to multiply that number by 35 to get an estimate of the number of BTU’s you need to cool your home.

There are a few other things to keep in mind as well:

  • If the room is shaded, reduce the number of BTU’s you need by 10 percent
  • If the room is sunny, increase the number of BTU’s by 10 percent
  • If more than two people spend lots of time in a specific room, just add 600 BTU’s per person to cool that room

Figuring out about how many BTU’s you need to heat or cool your space helps you find the right sized unit for your home. A unit that is too small may not heat or cool the whole space very well, and will be running much more of the time, costing you money. A unit that is too big can be in issue as well. It will be able to heat and cool your home with no problem, but the unit itself will be substantially more expensive. Finding the right size will help save you the most money possible, while keeping you and your family comfortable all year.

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