Use Lighting to Accent your Home

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Lamps are often treated as a cute decoration, but they can change the entire feeling of a room in an instant. If overhead lighting is the primary source of light in your home, it may be worthwhile to add a few lamps in certain areas throughout your home. Here are a few ideas to consider when adding new light to your to own lamps

The Kitchen

If there’s an area of your kitchen that doesn’t get well-lit by the overhead light fixtures, adding a lamp on your countertop may be the perfect solution. A lamp is also a great option if you need a little extra light while reading a recipe or reading the directions on a food package.

The Bathroom

Who doesn’t love having the perfect mood set for a nice evening soak in the tub, or nice soft lighting on those early mornings? Set a lamp up on a countertop away from water to give your bathroom a totally new feel.

In your Closet

Generally, closets are equipped with overhead lighting to make everything easily visible, but not everybody likes harsh, bright lights in the morning while getting dressed. Adding a lamp helps add a little flair, and brings you softer lighting during those early mornings.

If you think that now might be the time to add a little extra light to your home, stop in at Buddy’s and check out our extensive collection of different lamps to suit your home décor.

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