Unique Ideas for Accenting the Home

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Lamps are fun decorating accessories, but they can also change the mood of a space. If you’re relying solely on overhead Buddy's Home Furnishingslighting, it might be time to consider adding a few lamps strategically throughout the house. Here are some exciting and creative places to add a lamp for brightness and fun:

  1. In the kitchen.
    Do you have an area that’s not as well-lit as others by the overhead fixtures? A lamp will fit snugly into a kitchen nook or corner to add interest to the kitchen during certain times of the day or night.
  1. In the bathroom.
    When you hop in the tub for a long soak, candles might be too dim and overhead lighting might be too bright. Set it away from the tub on a countertop or shelf to bring a soft glow to your bubble bath.
  1. In a walk-in closet.
    Walk-in closets typically have overhead light fixtures, but you may not always want a bright light when you’re getting ready. A lamp adds a touch of style and softer lighting to the space for early morning dressing and trying on outfits.

If you’re convinced now is a good time to add an interesting lamp to your home, go online or stop by Buddy’s Home Furnishings to check out our home decorating accents.

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