Transitioning Your Toddler to a Big-Kid Bed: What You Should Know

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It’s happened: your intrepid toddler, sick of being trapped within the confines of his or her crib, has escaped or fallen out. You rent to own bedsknew this day was coming, but worry about the return to sleepless nights as you fight to keep him or her in a big kid bed. Making the big switch can be painless, however, if you follow these tips:

  1. Let your child help choose a new bed. Get a child excited about transitioning to a big-kid bed by taking him or her shopping. Being part of the decision can make a child more likely to want to stay in it at night. After all, he or she chose it, not mommy or daddy.
  2. Use psychology to your advantage. Once the newness of the bed wears off, toddlers may try to test the limits. Instead of showing your exasperation, try to make midnight returns to the big-kid bed as boring as possible. Be patient; it may take a few weeks for the routine to become normal.
  3. Look for safety features. A child’s first big-kid bed will offer new freedom, but it should still have some safety measures. Consider easy solutions like side guards, proximity to the ground, and the overall security of the construction.

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