Tips to Picking the Perfect Couch

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A couch or sofa is often the centerpiece around which the rest of the living room is designed, and a lot happens on the couch. It’s important to choose one that you will enjoy for a long time, and that works well with the rest of your home. There are a few rent to own couchthings to do when picking out your new couch.

  1. Make sure the fabric is something you’ll still enjoy in a few years

That bold color or busy floral patterned sofa may look amazing in the store, but will you get sick of that in the future? Generally, picking a sofa with more neutral colored fabric is a better option, because you can change the look so easily. You can totally transform the look of your sofa and the entire room just with a couple pillows or a blanket on the couch, whereas if you took home that thickly striped couch, that wouldn’t be as easy.

  1. Try to pick out a low-maintenance fabric

Things happen, even as much as like to pretend they don’t or won’t. Things will get spilled, pets will shed, and the family will eat popcorn and ice cream on the couch, even though you said not to. That is why it’s so important to buy your couch with a material that is durable and low-maintenance.

  1. Make sure its comfy enough to sleep on

You won’t always fall asleep in your bed, often times people fall asleep watching TV or reading on the couch, so make sure that new sofa is plenty soft and comfortable to fall asleep on. The best way to determine if a new couch will be comfortable for you is to try them out. Sit in them like you would at home to get the best idea of what would work.

  1. Make sure the sofa fits in your room

This one might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people buy a new sofa and bring it home to discover that it doesn’t really fit in the room. You should look at where the sofa will be placed in the room to get an idea of the right size you need. For example, if the couch will go in front of a window, then a low back might be a better option.

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