Tips for Finding a New Stove

Oct 23, 2015 Comments Off on Tips for Finding a New Stove by

It’s finally happened. Old Reliable, the stove you’ve been cooking on for years, has called it quits. You have a choice to make: rent or purchase a new stove. When you’re in the market for an affordable replacement, here are some considerations to make rent to own stovechoosing your new stove a little easier:

Self-cleaning and other added features. Determine if added features like this are important in your purchase. Self-cleaning may be more important if you choose to rent the appliance.

Electric coil, gas, or glass ceramic cooktop. There’s only one general style of cooktop for gas stoves, although they come in several configurations. For electric stoves, you may prefer a coil or glass ceramic cooktop. All require regular cleaning, but some people hate the way glass ceramic cooktops and black stoves smudge with fingerprints in between uses. Think about how you’ll be using your stove to find the best cooktop for your needs.

Space and appliance matching. Although it’s fun to go look at all the latest models of ranges, your kitchen space and existing appliances may limit your choices. Consider how well a range will fit with your existing setup before making a decision.

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