The Benefits of a 4K Television

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If you’ve been in an electronics retail store lately, you’ve probably seen a 4K television. The picture is so crisp it often looks rent to own televisionsbetter than real life! But is it really worth the investment? Here are the pros and cons that might affect your decision:


  1. The gaming experience is phenomenal
    If you like to stay current with the latest gaming consoles and games on the market, you will absolutely benefit from the clear, crisp image a 4K television provides.
  1. The content it supports is superb
    For the existing 4K content, you’ll get the most amazing viewing experience on the market today. If you’re interested in realism and cutting edge technology, you can serve as a personal experience reviewer for your friends and family.


  1. Any new television technology is expensive
    The investment in 4K is pretty steep right now, especially when you compare it to the way it’ll change your experience. Without 4K-made material, you won’t get quite the same experience you see in stores. (This is one of the reasons we think renting with no commitment is the right way to go!)
  1. There’s not much content available yet
    If you use your television to watch the latest shows and movies, the material just isn’t compatible yet, and upscaling may or may not deliver the same experience.

Whether you decide to go with 4K, LED, Plasma, or LCD, the team at Buddy’s Home Furnishings can help. Visit our showroom today to see what we’ve got for you.

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