Take Advantage of $20.16 Pricing!

Jan 04, 2016 Comments Off on Take Advantage of $20.16 Pricing! by

To celebrate the beginning of a new year, Buddy’s is running a very special deal! For just $20.16 you can pay ANY new rental agreement until January 23, potentially saving a huge amount of money! Now is the time to go out and get that new TV or Buddy's Home Furnishingsmaybe a washer and dryer combo. The higher the usual weekly payment on an item, the more money you save from now until January 23. For an item that costs around $20.00 per week such as a 42” LED TV, you have the potential to save around $40 just by taking advantage of this deal this week! For a pricier item like a 55” 4K Ultra HD TV that usually cost around $40 per week, you have the ability to save almost $80 this month with this amazing deal!

A new year marks the beginning of a new start for many people, so getting that big ticket item that you’ve been needing right now can be the perfect start to 2016.

Remember, this deal is only happening until January 23, so the faster you get to a Buddy’s location to open a new rental agreement, the bigger the savings! Give Buddy’s a call today with any questions about this deal at 1-866-779-5058.

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