Steps to Help You Choose the Perfect Rug for Your Home

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A rug is one of those accessories that really help make or break a room. It can really help tie together a room with vibrant colors and patterns. Size is also very important, as a rug that’s too large can give the illusion of having a fully carpeted floor, and one rent to own rugsthat is too small looks awkward and clutters up the room.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing your rug:

  1. The color should flow through the room

Often, a rug is used in a similar way to accent pillows, drapes, and wall hangings. Splashes of color that tie into the overall theme of the room and bring everything together. You should choose a rug that complements the base color of the room, while not exactly matching it in order to provide some contrast.

  1. The material used is very important

A rug sees a large amount of wear and tear from furniture, pets, and just being walked on, so choosing a material that can handle those conditions is important. Synthetic materials like nylon are some of the toughest, most wear resistant materials available for a rug. They are not only durable, but they are stain resistant too. Cotton, while soft, tends to be much less durable.

  1. Not too big, not too small

This is actually much simpler than it may seem. The best way to figure out what size rug you need is to consider where it will go. For a rug that will have furniture on it, it should be slightly larger than that furniture. For rugs in a hallway or entrance, it should be slightly narrower than that area. Circular rugs should always be centered underneath a fixture or piece of furniture.

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