Spring has Sprung, Time for Mowing!

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Ah, spring has arrived. The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, and the leaves are back on the trees. Everything is turning green. Yes, that means not only the trees but the grass is again green and growing. And, that means it’s not only time for laying in the hammock and sipping ice tea on the porch, it’s time for lawn care.
If you are one of the many folks that enjoy being out of doors in the spring and summer, you probably put plenty of work into your yard and landscaping, so that your outdoors environment is a joy to be in. Chances are you have a grill, a lovely deck, and some plants and flowers planted to enhance your landscaping. You may have added lawn fertilizers and grass enhancers to your regime late in the fall to ensure a thick, green carpet of lawn this spring. But are you really ready for all that green growth this spring? Do you have a great lawn mower that is easy to operate? Or are you still walking behind that old clunker? Do you spend more time getting the mower started than actually mowing?
Today we have some great choices in lawn care equipment. The size of the yard to be maintained is always an important consideration. For the larger yard, a riding mower might be the best fit.  And electric mowers are an excellent choice for smaller yards, they are energy efficient and easy to use. Nothing could be easier than starting an electric mower! But remember, you are constrained by the electric cord on these models, so the size of the yard is an important consideration. For many, the traditional self propelled, walk behind gasoline mower is the best overall choice. Take a look at the choices and make sure you have the right equipment to keep your paradise in tip-top shape this summer and spring.

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