Space-Saving Bed Designs

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It commonly happens when shopping for a home, that the bedrooms seem much larger than they are when they actually have furniture in them. A traditionally styled bed can take up a huge amount of space in a bedroom, but there are a few different bed rent to own bunk bedsstyles that can give you as much usable room as possible.

  • Bunk Beds. This style of bed traditionally uses two smaller mattresses mounted on top of each other to give two people the ability to sleep in the space that one bed would normally take up. Bunk beds often have built in storage too, adding to their functionality
  • Lofted Beds. When kids get older, bunk beds lose a lot of their appeal. Lofted beds take that bunk bed style layout and apply it to someone in their teens, or young adulthood. These generally have a desk or other workspace underneath the mattress to give as much function to the room while taking up the least amount of space
  • Daybeds are convenient in that they often offer a good amount of storage, helping you to organize your room more effectively, leaving more usable space. Some daybeds even feature a trundle bed, which allows you to better accommodate guests too.

It isn’t always easy to get the most out of the space you have. Using multifunctional beds is a great way to make sure every bit of that space is used.

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