Signs That It’s Time to Upgrade Your Phone

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We live in a world where electronics are some of the fastest evolving technologies anywhere. Often, it becomes obvious when the time comes to replace your phone. Maybe you have a contract renewal coming up and can take advantage of special pricing, or rent to own cellphonesyour phone starts to exhibit constant issues. Here are a few signs that it may be time to retire that old phone.

Expiring Contract

A common practice for phone carriers is to offer special pricing on phones with contract renewal, to entice customers to keep coming back. The typical contract term has always been 2 years, meaning that most people replaced their phones every 2 years. Now many carriers are offering no-contract plans, but replacing your phone every 2 years is still a good idea. By that time, the technology has become antiquated.

Recurring Issues

As your phone ages, so does the technology inside of it. It becomes more common for apps to load slowly, or crash randomly, or even for your screen to go black. When this happens there is often a factory reset option which returns your phone back to the state that it was when new. This often fixed these problems, but if you find yourself having to do that on a regular basis, it’s probably time for a new phone.

Battery Won’t Hold a Charge

Perhaps the most obvious sign that your phone needs help is that the battery won’t hold a charge. If you find yourself constantly looking for a charger to use, or your phone won’t easily make it through most of the day, it’s time to start looking for a new phone.

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