Signs that it’s Time for a New Sofa

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It’s often difficult to come to grips with the fact that your beloved sofa has reached the end of its life. You spend so much time on it relaxing with your family and pets, and it almost becomes part of the family. Besides, how could something ever be as comfy as your old worn in sofa? We know it’s difficult to let go, but here are some signs that it’s time to replace your to own sofa

  • Tears

As your sofa ages, the fabric eventually wears down and becomes thin in areas, making them prone to tearing. You may be able to get away with patching some small rips and tears, but if you find yourself constantly patching up your sofa, it may be time to call it quits.

  • Outdated

So your parents gave you their sofa when you left for college, and it’s been your trusty companion ever since. Is it holding you back from achieving the décor you want in your home? Maybe it began life as a bright red, and is now more of a pastel pink. Whatever the case may be, a sofa can only last so long before it’s out of style or faded from sunlight and general use. If you want a modern look, consider swapping your sofa out for something new.

  • Spills and Stains

Accidents are bound to happen over the life of your sofa, that’s just how life is. No matter how careful you are, eventually something will end up on your sofa that leaves an unsightly stain. You may be able to get some stains out or hide them by flipping the cushions, but eventually the damage will show. If you find yourself deciding which side of the cushion is less stained, start shopping for a new sofa.

Deciding to ditch your worn out sofa is often the hardest step on the road to updating your living room. Once you’ve made that decision, stop by Buddy’s to shop our extensive selection of sofa and loveseat combinations. Give us a call today at 1-866-779-5058 with any questions.

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