Should I Rent a Laptop or a Desktop Computer?

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Laptops have been hugely popular for the past several years. But desktop computers have been around the longest. Both have points in their corner that make them worthy of being your go-to computer. We’ve dug deep to find all the things you should consider before deciding whether a desktop computer or laptop is right for you.


Laptops obviously win in this department. While desktop computers have come a long way in recent years in terms of downsizing hardware (even losing the tower altogether), they are no match to laptops. Laptops are increasingly light and can go anywhere with you.
If you travel often or are a big fan of working in coffee shops or at the park, a laptop is definitely more conducive to your lifestyle.


While both laptops and desktops have great usability in general, desktops reign supreme here. Because of a laptop’s small size, using them isn’t always as ergonomic as one might hope. The trackpads and keyboards on laptops are almost never equal to their desktop counterparts.
If you are at a computer for long periods of time and do a lot of typing, a desktop computer might suit you better.

Cost and Dependability

Desktops are less expensive than laptops. As with most things in life, you’re paying for the extra convenience. As such, you can usually beef up your desktop computer with more memory and speed for the same price as a lower level laptop.

Also, because of the simple fact that laptops are portable, they are more prone to mishaps than desktops. They’re not necessarily weaker, but the chances of physically breaking the computer are much higher with a laptop.


The same portability that makes your laptop so great also makes it easy to steal. While stealing a desktop computer takes a few minutes and some effort, stealing a laptop is as easy as picking it up and walking off.

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