Should I get mom a tablet for her birthday?

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Samsung Tablet – Rent to Own – Buddy’s Home FurnishingsIs it time to forego the tried and true meal out with family and a card, in favor of taking a leap of faith and getting your mom a tablet for her birthday? The gift may feel simple in 2016 but, if your mother is still sporting an e-reader from 2003, it’ll be like handing her a device powered by rocket fuel

Before visiting your local Buddy’s Home Furnishings, to check on tablet options, answer a few questions:

  • Do you have the patience to explain the tablet to her?
  • If your mom hasn’t owned a tablet, will you set aside 1 – 2 hours daily to answer tablet operation questions in-person and on the phone?
  • Will it annoy you to repeat “it’s okay to touch the screen,” “please do not press the screen so hard, I’m serious that you don’t need to keep pressing the screen like that?”
  • Will it bother you to put up with her comparison of your heartfelt gift to the tablet her friend in the book club just purchased?
  • Finally, you’ll want to equip yourself with a minimum of forty-five clever comebacks for when you hear mom say “I don’t think I deserve a gift this nice!”

If you feel you can deal with all that, let’s take a look at one tablet which might be a good fit for your mom for her birthday.

Samsung GALAXY Tab

The Samsung GALAXY Tab is available with a 10.1” screen, 16 GB RAM and both rear and front-facing cameras. It’ll appeal to a mom who enjoys surfing the internet, reading a new release or the prospect of time spent conducting a face-to-face conversations on Skype.


Apps for the 10.1” Samsung GALAXY Tab are dependent on what’s currently available in Google Play, which is a lot. You can load mom’s new tablet with app that offers wine pairings, an app that will make book recommendations or traditional travel apps. All app uploads should be made with her entertainment in mind, because you want mom to enjoy her gift while you explain the operations of the tablet.


There are more skins and cases available on the market for the 10.1” GALAXY Tab than nearly all non-iOS tablets currently sold.

Is the GALAXY Tab good for my mom?

Tablets produced by Samsung are almost as well-known as iPad models. The installed Android operating system, easy-to-operate camera, accessories and wealth of available applications, make the GALAXY Tab a great match for the tech newbie as well as a semi-pro.

Will you be celebrating your mom’s birthday with a new tablet?

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