Should I Buy a Smart TV?

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Everything is getting smart these days; we have smart homes, smart watches and smartphones. Now there are smart TVs. But what exactly do smart TVs do, and are they really worth your investment?Buddy – Should I Buy a Smart TV Image

A smart TV offers internet-connected services, something normal televisions don’t offer. It can offer media streaming, web browsing, apps, and games. You can hop on Facebook or pull up a YouTube video. It offers Internet Protocol Television, which is a type of internet video standard. You can also set up your television to stream media from other devices. That means you can easily show a video on your TV that you have pulled up on your phone.

While smart TVs sound awesome, it is important to be aware of their possible cons before making an investment. Just as with all electronic devices, a smart TV can crash or freeze. It can get hacked or contract a virus.

A smart TV can be expensive, costing around $100 more than a not-so-smart counterpart. Both Roku and Apple TV devices offer streaming services much less expensively, though they don’t have the same content available.

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