Saving Space in Your Kids Room with Bunkbeds

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Kids who don’t have bunkbeds often dream of them and with the space-saving design, they seem almost ideal for tight spaces. Whether you have a bunkbed or you’re thinking of getting one, you may have wondered if they’re safe for young children. When approached properly, bunkbeds are a wonderful space-saving alternative to twin beds.

Bunkbeds can make a room seem bigger and offer a fun multi-use space for your children. Safe bunkbeds fit snugly against the wall and feature hardware that will prevent the top bunk from falling on the one below, and the safety rails and ladder are constructed to reduce accidents.

An adult should feel the construction of a bunkbed and evaluate the hardware before deciding to arrange one in a child’s room. Place the bunkbed in a corner away from ceiling fans and lighting, and remember to add a nightlight to the area to reduce falls.

Another important factor in safety is the set of rules you provide for your kids. Before your children ever go into the room, discuss ground rules for the bunkbed. Lay out strict consequences for roughhousing or using the bunkbed for reasons other than sleeping. Make sure they use the ladder provided instead of crawling on the bunkbed like a jungle gym.

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