Saving Money with a New Refrigerator

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It seems counterintuitive to think that in order to save yourself money, you need to go out and spend money on a new refrigerator, but it actually makes sense. If your refrigerator is older than about 10 years old, it’s likely costing you money in two different ways. Even if your current refrigerator seems to work fine, it still may be a good idea to start shopping for a to own refrigerator

Older style refrigerators use an electric motor to keep the food inside cold, but that motor creates a lot of heat in the area surrounding the refrigerator due to an inefficient design. That heat then causes your air conditioner to run more often to keep the kitchen cool, costing you more money.

A new fridge really is that much more efficient

The extra cost of cooling your home and running an inefficient refrigerator may seem trivial since it’s rolled into your usual electricity bill, but those costs really do add up, and current refrigerator technology has made them incredibly efficient and quiet. Studies have proven that replacing your old refrigerator with a new one of the same size will cut the cost of running your fridge in half, or about $125 per year on average, which is anything but insignificant! Your new fridge will actually pay for itself with the savings!

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